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Japanese Shiba Inu
And the sun god saw the earth and smiled his red-gold smile which
beamed across the land.  It settled for a moment upon the mountain top
where it danced merrily before skipping from ledge to ledge making it's
way down the mountainside, murmuring in the grass, and whispering
through the trees.  Faster and faster it ran until it became a little red
dog playing in the sunshine and filling the world with it's radiance.
Published 1700's
Author Unknown
Kan-i  Ryosei  Soboku
Forza Shibas is a small hobby/show kennel located in Sioux
City, Iowa. It is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the
Shiba Inu breed as defined by the Japanese and American
Kennel Club Standards.  Proven training methods, mandatory
health testing, and strict breeding practices are followed to ensure
all Forza dogs possess soundness of body and mind.